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 Sir William Arthur Lewis

Hon. Derek Alton Walcott



This website is dedicated to the lives and works of Saint Lucias two Nobel Laureates, Sir William Arthur Lewis Economics 1979, and Hon. Derek Alton Walcott Literature 1992.

These two exceptional and gifted Saint Lucians epitomize the excellence to which each and every Saint Lucian should aspire.  They demonstrate to the world that greatness of intellect, spirit, perseverance, motivation, imagination, dedication, wisdom and understanding with all other attributes which are commingled to create greatness is not determined by size.

Saint Lucia
which is only 238 sq. miles has two Nobel Laureates while Australia a continent of 2,941,285 sq. miles also has two Nobel Laureates.

This is a blessed land!  As you delve into the lives and works of our Nobel Laureates may you enjoy and appreciate our island and its people.  

Margot Thomas
National Archivist


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Twin Peaks of Excellence
A commemorative booklet in honour of 
Sir Arthur Lewis and the Hon. Derek Walcott

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